Sarah Elawad




Born and raised in the UK, Sarah’s family roots are in Sudan and she is a graduate of a BFA Graphic Design Program at Virginia Commonwealth University of the Arts in Qatar. She currently lives and works in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Sarah’s hybrid family history and her interest in the cultural relationships between the West and the Middle East have caused her to pay closer attention to dialogues between the two. Her curiosity lies in philosophical and psychological concepts and how they differ from culture to culture. Sarah’s work often reflects conflictions and harmonies she is faced with through her own experiences in the rapidly globalising world we all live in. From topics such as language to existentialism and identity, the research point for a lot of her work is inspired by her own thoughts and questions about life and the environments she has been exposed to.

Sarah has worked with different materials and forms. Her work ranges from graphic objects cut using a CNC machine to 2D print, to coded interactive installations and more. She is always eager and open to learn new techniques and methods of design.