Sarah Elawad

Sonic Jeel DJ Performance Track

Sonic jeel song track

This track is the outcome of an elective class titled Sonic Jeel, taught by Professors Simone Muscolino and Michael Hershrud. “Jeel” is the Arabic local term used for younger generation. The elective class taught us, the students, basic beginner steps of music and then gave us a platform to create our own DJ performance using pocket operators designed by Teenage Engineering as well as sounds we sampled. We then recorded parts of our performances and worked with Garage Band both on our phones and laptops to produce a final finished track.

During the biennial Design event in Doha, Tasmeem 2019, I performed my track twice in front of an audience. The song is an up-beat 140 bpm track with sounds of cashiers and a voice saying “we are all dying”. The concept behind the song is linked to a larger thesis project titled: “We Are All Dying” - a comment on luxury living in the Gulf region through the lens of mortality.

Photography by Simone Muscolino and Michael Hershrud