Sarah Elawad
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sticker design: W/W/W X tasmeem doha 2019

sticker design - WWW x tasmeem doha 2019

These stickers were designed as a part of a collaboration between Water With Water and Tasmeem Doha 2019 to design merchandise for the biennial event. I was involved and assisted in managing production on multiple of the merchandise items produced for the event by Water With Water, all of which can be found here.

These stickers however, I worked on more independently and are one of the first products I designed that was actually produced in multiples and sold at an official event. The stickers were printed with sticker app, some are holographic and others are just glossy coated vinyl. The content is all inspired by sayings or visuals seen around within the local context and try to tie into the Tasmeem 2019 theme of stories/narratives.

Photography by Hadeer Omar